<header>Hi, I'm Basith.
I am a full stack web developer. </header>



With lightweight frameworks, minimal code and optimised media, the webpages load faster, even for users with slow networks.


I don't like to create static web pages. I create web pages that come to life. It consists of moving parts that will engage the user. This results in a postive overall experience.


The webpages are optimised in such a way that it renders correctly irrespective of the device. Desktop, tablets or mobile, it doesn't matter.


The webpages are fully customised to meet the clients' need. Color, media, designs, and functionality can all be tweaked to match that of the clients' need.


Product landing page

Fully responsive, one page product landing page. The contrasting colors make it look really beautiful.

Technical Documentation Page

A flexbox technical documentation page built for Freecodecamp's projects. It is responsive, simple and has a sticky side navbar.

Survey form

A Google Form like survey form. Simple and easy to use, and is responsive. It has mandatory field checks and submit action.

Fully Functional E-Commerce Bookstore

A full stack e-commerce booksite using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, SQL, and a payment gateway. It is fully responive, has both front-end and server side scripts.

Tribute Page

My first webpage. It is a tribute to Elon Musk.


Front End

Back End


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